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Charity Updates

May 22, 2015

Here at Veeda, we like to say that our business works off a triple bottom line:
1. Customers: Providing women with high-quality, affordable natural products and information they can use to protect their health. 
2. Environment: Creating eco-friendly products through environmentally-aware means.
3. Community: Giving back through Project Everywoman, the 360° Care Fund and individual charities.

A big part of that is our commitment to the larger community, through our sponsorships of organizations and charities that are working to make a difference in the world around them. That's why Veeda is a proud sponsor of the HOBY Kentucky Seminar and of A-Camp Spring 2015.

The HOBY Leadership Seminar focuses on teaching community engagement and leadership to youth, many of whom are underprivileged. With our donation of free tampons, Veeda is hoping to make what may be a new and challenging experience more comfortable and positive for these young leaders.

A-Camp is a camp event for grown-up queer women, featuring workshops, crafts, sports, panels and entertainment designed to let LGBT women be themselves. Veeda is proud to support this diverse woman-centric event, featuring campers ranging in age from 18 to 50, from all over the world.

Do you know of an organization that you think Veeda could help? Then please email us at! We're always looking for new opportunities to give back.