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#HappyPeriod, A movement of girlfriends providing menstrual hygiene kits

August 25, 2016 3 min read

#HappyPeriod, A movement of girlfriends providing menstrual hygiene kits

Homeless women often can’t afford menstrual hygiene products and shelters rarely get donations of pads and tampons even though they’re in high demand. Chelsea VonChaz recognized the problem last year, when she was driving to work in Los Angeles and noticed a woman, who appeared to be homeless, with blood-stained bottoms. She started gathering friends on weekends to hand out menstrual products to homeless women on L.A. By June 2015, she registered #Happy Periodas a nonprofit, and expanded the project to nine cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Veeda is deeply grateful for the interview and for the opportunity to be able to make a donation and a contribution to this amazing cause.

Many great organizations are started because of a personal experience. Please share your inspiration?

I witnessed a homeless woman free-bleeding while she was trying to cross the street.

What is the mission of #HappyPeriod?

To provide menstrual hygiene kits to anyone that would otherwise go without. Also to spread awareness on the lack of hygiene resources for homeless women and trans men.

How difficult was it to go from idea to actual implementation?

For me it wasn’t difficult at all, I just did it. I didn’t want to wait, and I had no one to answer to, so my perseverance just kept me going.

What have been some of your biggest challenges so far? What are the challenges behind finding partners for the menstruation kits and creating on-going collaborations with them?

This entire journey is a challenge because I am learning as I go, so nothing specifically stands out. The main struggle is funding, making money to make a difference. My only problem with finding partners for our kits is getting connected to some of the brand people are used to.

How do you communicate your values, stand out in the crowd and get attention both in the online and offline world?

Just by being myself and not try to stand out. I march to my own beat and let the movement speak for itself. I’m in the business of periods, so I’m on a completely  different plane.

How do female activists like you confront the social stigma around menstruation? Why is it important to change the dialogue around periods?

Ha! I talk about periods in the same way I openly talk about music, reality TV, or sex! Normalize it because it is freaking normal. I like to remind everyone, especially men that periods are the source of humanity. I do believe in order for the world to be better, we must progress  in our attitudes toward menstruation. If you have a problem with periods then you have a problem with women, well humans in general! That just doesn’t make sense.

How many care packages have been assembles until now in #HappyPeriod?

Depending on when this article runs because we’re launching 3 new chapters in the fall, We are hitting the 6K mark for the #HappyPeriod yellow kits. The number of general donations that have been made because of #HappyPeriod, I really have no idea today, but I think that’s awesome!

What’s your motivational mantra and who inspires you?

Be present and live in the moment. The people we take care of inspire me and the many souls that have contributed to the success of #HappyPeriod motivate me.

What has been the greatest success for #HappyPeriod so far?

Growing as a movement in less than 10 months.

What hopes do you have for the future?

I’m really not into hoping, as soon as I have a desire I just start working towards that.
With #HappyPeriod there are a few things that I KNOW will happen as long as I continue to work hard.
I do hope that I will get a staff of 10 so I can get some rest.