July 19, 2016 3 min read

Veeda has been and will remain a brand dedicated to positively advancing the way women think and experience periods and feminine care because menstruation matters to everyone, everywhere.

Periodscanbemessyanduncomfortableforeveryonewhohasthembutimaginehavingtocopewithonewhilehomeless. Limitedaccesstosanitaryproductsmeanshomelesswomenareoftenforcedtochoosebetweenbuyingtamponsorfood. 

That's why we hosted a win/donate giveaway on May 26, 2016 right before Menstrual Hygeiene Day. The way to enter the giveaway was to like, comment, share, react to the post and get a chance to win Veeda. The amount of likes, shares and comments we received are actually the amount of Veeda items we donated.

We sent Veeda items for the entrants of the giveaway and cases of Veeda products were distributed to the following  charitable organizations.

1. Camions of Care

Camions of Care is an organizations focused on the distribution of feminine hygiene products in Portland, Oregon. Every weekend, a volunteer team travels along their designated routes making deliveries to some of our partner organizations and directly to homeless women in need. Local businesses, community centers, and nonprofit organizations donate feminine hygiene products to Camions of Care which they distribute directly to the homeless women, which the reason we are giving them a portion of our donations from this giveaway.

2. I support the girls

I support the girls, helping homeless women in DC with primarily bras but also other feminine hygiene products. The donations go to Thrive DC.
Thrive DC’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness by providing vulnerable individuals a comprehensive range of services to help stabilize their lives. The organization envisions a city in which vulnerable individuals receive the necessary support and resources to lead fulfilling, stable lives.

3.  Peach Coven

The Peach Coven is an organization with a mission to organize sanitary distribution in Atlanta and create a network of dedicated, loving people who want to reach out their hands and help those who need it most. A collective of loving individuals bringing pads & tampons to the homeless people of Atlanta. Non-gender bias and supplying to all monthly bleeders which is the reason we contributed to their mission as well.

4. We Racket

We Racket is aiming to expose and eliminate menstrual taboos, and advocate for equal access to menstrual hygiene products. We Racket is fighting for people who menstruate on many different fronts. They regularly partner with organizations, businesses, Broadway shows, bands, churches, and shelters to run drives to collect menstrual hygiene products to distribute to people with limited access. Additionally they partner with journalists and activists to help publicize their work in the field of menstruation and gender equality. Our donation will be delivered to women in need at the Covenant House.

5. # Happy Period

A social movement of girls dedicated to helping homeless women and girls with their monthly cycles. A Californian based charity created by women volunteers that link with menstrual activists in Atlanta, D.C and Chicago and host donation events in different locations. Menstrual Hygiene kits are distributed personally and through shelters.

AtVeeda,we've also createdthe360°CareFundtogivedisadvantagedwomenandchildrenaroundtheworldthebestopportunitytolivehealthier,fullerlives.Weprovidefinancial,material,educational,childcare,psychological,andmoralsupporttothosewhoneeditmost.

Veeda helps, educates and empowers, because menstruation matters in all areas of life and menstruation is a matter of equality.