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Veeda- it's only natural with Lex

April 11, 2016

Veeda- it's only natural with Lex

Thanks for the post, Lex Paige!

Okay ladies, this one’s for you. We all have to deal with it, it’s only natural; yes I am talking about that time of the month. And since us ladies must face our gift from Mother Nature each month, it is important for us to find the right products for not only our personal health, but for peace of mind as well. That is why when I was contacted by Veeda, a company that provides natural alternatives in feminine care products, I of course was excited to try out their various products to share with my female readers like you!

So it’s no secret I had to wait until it was my time of the month to do so, but when it came I was prepared. As per my conversation with Veeda, I was sent an array of their all-natural line of feminine care products that are high-quality and affordable.  In my sample package that arrived five days after the dispatch date, I was sent their 100% natural tampons, pads, panty liners and ultra-thin pads. The Veeda feminine hygiene range is produced from 100% natural cotton which is hypoallergenic and contains no chemicals, no synthetic fibers and no dyes. In addition, all Veeda products are prepared using oxygen-based cleansing agents for a totally chlorine-free, dioxide-free and pesticide-free product. Veeda feminine hygiene products are designed to provide comfort and reliability without compromising your health or our precious environment.


For me, I am more a tampon kind of girl. It’s just easier for me. I am always on the go, they are easier to carry, apply and overall just more comfortable for me. What I appreciated about Veeda’s tampons were that they were very compact and had an easy applicator. As you can see from my photo, it is much smaller than one of the leading suppliers in feminine products; which makes it great for fitting in your small purse while out on the town.

At night, I switched over to using Veeda’s pads. And to my surprise it felt fine! Normally, and you ladies know what I’m talking about, wearing pads feels like you are wearing a diaper. And I don’t know about you, but that is not a good feeling for me. However, with Veeda’s product this wasn’t the case. It was lightweight and gave me no irritation. That pads had easy flaps to maneuver as well, so there is nothing to stress over. No seepage either, even during 8 hours through the night!

What I really liked about Veeda as a company, in addition to their products, was their mission. Veeda’s mission is to strive for every woman to be informed about, and have access to, affordable and safe feminine care.  They make hypoallergenic, toxin-free 100% cotton tampons widely available at a fair price; and donate them for those who can’t afford to buy feminine care products via Project Everywoman.  How amazing is that? So not only is this company providing woman with healthier and effective alternatives; but they are also helping woman in need while doing so. Which is just another reason why you should make the switch to Veeda today!

So overall after using Veeda’s products and comparing them to my experience with one of the leading brands, I was very satisfied with my experience. I not only felt physically better during my monthly gift, but also mentally felt better knowing I was using a product that was natural and environmentally innovative. I would 100% recommend Veeda products to all of you ladies out there and support you all in making the switch to Veeda! These products not only are healthier for you, but help keep money in your pocket and make your unbearable time of the month…that much more bearable!

Looking for samples now? Right now Veeda is hosting a Promotional Campaign where you can try their product for a discount! Get Veeda’s tampons or pads 4-count pack today—just $2.50 with a bonus $2.00 coupon included! Click HERE for more information. Currently only available online and in San Francisco Bay area stores, you can purchase your own products from Veeda by clicking HERE!

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