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May 09, 2016 3 min read

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Finding all natural foods and feeding my family real food recipes is really important to me. The same is true for the hygiene and personal care products we use every day. I want to be ensure that the foods and products we use are healthy and support the way we want to live. I’m sure you feel the same way. Why would we want to use or eat something that could cause harm?


Recently Veeda, an all-natural feminine care company, contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying their products. Since learning what chemicals and additives conventional feminine products contain, I am always looking for natural alternatives. So I agreed and they sent me their 100% Natural Cotton UltraThinPads with Wings and Regular Tampons with Plastic Applicators.


Veeda products are designed for women who want safe and effective products for that time special time of the month, aka our period. Unlike conventional sanitary pads and tampons, Veeda uses 100% natural cotton. Their products are hypoallergenic and contain NO chemicals, synthetic fibers, or dyes. The cotton may not be certified organic, but it is totally chlorine-free, dioxide-free, bleach free, and pesticide-free. That is a lot better than conventional products that use synthetic materials and chemical bleaches. You can read more about why Veeda is different than conventional productsHERE.

Personally, I like a really thin sanitary pad because the last thing I want is to feel like I’m wearing a diaper. Veeda Ultrathin pads are great for people, like me, who want a thin, lightweight pad. The foldable flaps protect really well too. They were comfortable and super absorbent.

The tampons were compact and made with 100% natural cotton. The easy to use applicator was made from a BPA free plastic. The company said they offered this because of customers requested it. Personally, I like an applicator free version, which they have.

I like supporting products and companies that have a strong mission. Veeda’s mission includes:

  • Providing women with high-quality, affordable natural products and information they can use to protect their health.
  • Creating eco-friendly products through environmentally-aware means.
  • Giving back through Project Everywoman, the 360° Care Fund and individual charities.

The 360° Care Fund provides help for disadvantaged women around the world, including financial, material, educational, childcare, psychological and moral support. A percentage of the U.S. online sales and global corporate profits go toward supporting this fund. It’s amazing to see a company provide women with healthier, effective personal care products while also helping those in need.

Overall, I really liked Veeda’s products. They performed well and did what their job during my monthly visit from Mother Nature. I would recommend Veeda Products to you ladies. It’s reassuring to know that the products you are using are made with 100% natural cotton without use of synthetic materials or chemical additives. It’s great piece of mind without breaking the bank.  Plus it’s great knowing that my purchase will also help someone else here or around the world.

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