Veeda is my safer option for that time of the month

May 14, 2016

Veeda is my safer option for that time of the month

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In today’s post, we’ll be discussing Aunt Flo, so if this isn’t your thing, now is your chance to exit stage left.. Don’t say I did warn you!

So I can’t say my period is my favorite time of the month, but I guess I do owe the years I’ve spent dealing with my reproductive cycle some respect. I did manage to have two healthy children, after all. When all is said and done though, let’s admit it- It’s kind of a hassle to deal with our cycles and really the last thing you need is more to worry about that time of the month. Except there is more to worry about. Unfortunately, most of the feminine care products out there are full of substances you really don’t want to get up close and personal with. This eye opening report rounded up many studies showing just what was inside conventional tampons and pads.


Everything from fragrance and allergens to hormone disruptors, carcinogens, reproductive toxins and more. To make matters worse, the doctors surveyed describe how the thinner, more absorbent skin in the vaginal area has a higher risk of exposure than the rest of our body during contact with these substances. Not so great news, right? Well, there is good news too. A few companies have stood up and said there has to be a safer way and Veeda happens to be one of them.

Veeda was started by two Australian guys who decided to to make the change happen after hearing about what was really in conventional feminine care products and after learning how hard it was to find natural options at a decent price. They make their products with no synthetic ingredients, no dyes, no fragrances (which is surprisingly common in feminine care), no dioxins, or any other concerning ingredient. Veeda’s tampons are 100% cotton, instead of the industry standard of rayon or rayon/cotton blend, which is a big deal for preventing Toxic Shock Syndrome. According to Veeda: “Viscose rayon found in conventional tampons promotes the production of the toxin that can lead to TSS. Rayon fibers can also break off and cause TSS even after removal of the actual tampon.”. You’re probably curious about why they don’t use organic cotton (I know I was!), but after hearing why, I actually appreciate their reason. The cost of organic cotton is so high that in order to keep the price of their products accessible for anyone who wants safer feminine care choices, they use 100% natural cotton and clean it with oxygen (not bleach) to remove any pesticides. Their tampons are also lab tested for over 250 harmful substances. As you may have noticed, many organic tampons cost quite a bit more than the tampons you can find on the drug store shelf, so I respect the fact that they’re keeping the prices more in line with what women are used to spending on tampons. Safe options, available to everyone is a win in my book! Veeda also gives back to the community. You can read more about their efforts here.


So how do they perform? I tried both their regular tampons and their pads and in my opinion, they work just as well as conventional brands. I’ve tried a lot of natural tampon brands and they’re definitely not created equal! I even went the cup route for a while (it was not for me). The performance is definitely here with these products and I like the price. The tampons were comfortable and absorbent. I did not have any issues with leaks, although I usually use a back up with tampons, since my cycle can be unpredictable. I can suddenly have a heavy day out of no where. I’m not a huge fan of the plastic applicators, however. I mean, being honest- they are more comfortable, but let’s face it, the world could do with a little less plastic. That being said, all of their wrappers are biodegradable. The pads were very thin and super absorbent. On lighter days I try to give that area a break and stick to a pad or liner and these did great. I was very happy with how discreet they are. No crinkly sounds when I walk and they’re thin enough that you can’t tell I’m wearing a pad even with tighter jeans. Because these are an accessible, healthier option that definitely work well, I can support that!

If you want to give Veeda a try, readers can use code: VeganLA10 to save some money. Here’s to a happier, healthier period! xo

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