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This past Saturday, February 1, 2020, women of all ages flocked to the third year of the  #BlogHer Health event at the Rolling Greens DTLA venue. It was a very sunny and unusually warm winter day, something us Californians do take for granted at times. Attendees were enthused as they entered the grounds, ready to be inspired to better their health, hear new wellness knowledge, and be empowered by the speakers leading the day's events.

Women began mingling with brands and attendees almost instantly after taking their selfies in front of the luscious living plant wall which called out the event’s name in large white letters, BHLA. The Veeda booth was the first stop for many. We styled the area in a natural, modern-bohemian vibe. The highlights were an emerald velvet sofa, and our branded wall with fresh garland and macrame. Prior to the first keynote speaker, the Veeda brand ambassadors were busy educating influencers and creators about Veeda and Happy Little Camper products. Everyone was excited to take photos on our lush green sofa, and we saw some gorgeous outfits, smiles and attitudes grace our sofa throughout the day!


Like the attendees, the Veeda team had the ability to hear the many celebrity and wellness professionals speak to the community. However, our highlight of the day was when our Chief Brand Officer, Hilary Duff spoke. Jessica Hall joined Hilary onstage as moderator, for a casual fireside Q&A session. The pair kicked it off by chatting about Hilary’s passion for her new role with Veeda and Happy Little Camper and why she believes in the products and the mission of the company so wholeheartedly. Hilary emphasized the affordability of the product for all women, and encouraged women to take charge of their periods, by arming themselves with knowledge and facts about conventional vs’ natural products. Hilary also shared stories with the crowd about her adorable baby girl, Banks, who actually inspired Hilary to reach out to Happy Little Camper, and begin our partnership. Jessica and Hilary covered everything from Mom-Fails, to Tampons as toys (you’ll have to watch the whole speech!) Needless to say, the audience was riveted! Hilary joined the Veeda booth for about an hour after her speaking session ended to take selfies with eager, eco-friendly attendees. Ever the gracious host, Hilary managed to chat to every single person who joined the line in the midday heat. After Hilary left, we at Veeda continued to meet with various creative cultivators and share the wealth of our products. We shook hands, collected cards, took selfies and passed out a ton of premium natural products for everyone to try. 

One of my personal favorite moments of the day, was when a young woman asked if she could try some Veeda tampons. Her mother had told her, since she was 16, not to use tampons, because they were so dangerous. Upon hearing about our 100% Natural Cotton tampons, she couldn’t wait to try them. Being a pad user her whole life, she’d never swum on her period, felt confident during workouts, or felt like she’d ever be able to use a tampon. The excitement she displayed at the simple idea of not being scared of tampons anymore, was truly infectious, and carried us all through the rest of the evening. 

Though it was a long day, and we couldn’t wait to kick off our shoes -- it was a memorable one. Being able to share knowledge and products we’re passionate about to a community of empowered, inspiring females in the Health Blogger space, was a great feeling to head home with.

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