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December 11, 2016 2 min read


I know that no one likes to talk about what’s going on down there. However, let’s be frank—we all have a period. Okay, most women have periods. I truthfully never knew what I was putting on my body or in my body before. However, once I started to do a little research, I happened upon a company namedVeeda.

Safe and Natural

Veeda isn’t your every day pad and tampon maker. I love that they have a passion to help people see that safe and natural should be the norm. You shouldn’t have to avoid a product because it has bad things in it. That’s what I love about Veeda!


Veeda is also focused on making sure us women can afford these natural products, which I love. These types of products shouldn’t be out of reach and they’re not, thanks to Veeda. They want to make sure every day women, like you and I, can afford their products.


You can buy Veeda’s products right online. You don’t have to worry about trying to hunt them down. They have created these products with us in mind.

Overall, Veeda makes me super happy! Since having kids, I want to do everything I can to stay happy and healthy. If putting all natural cotton in my body does the trick, then I’m up for it!

Listen up moms and women- going natural down there has never been easier. You may have a period, but now you can handle that period the right way.

About Veeda

Before we launched Veeda, we talked to a lot of women about what they liked and disliked about feminine care products. The one thing that surprised us was that most women had no idea that some of the conventional brands they were using contained synthetic ingredients and chemicals that could be harmful to their body and their health.  We’re talking about harsh ingredients that not only touch a woman’s skin but also may remain on or in her body long after use, potentially affecting her health.

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