Simple changes for a healthier 2017

January 13, 2017

Simple changes for a healthier 2017

Healthy living year-round is so very important, but there's nothing like a brand new year for some fresh motivation! I've been thinking up this list for several weeks now, and every item has come from my personal experience and goals. I've shared my experiences and tips throughout, and I hope you enjoy this post! I'm really wanting to do more healthy living posts this year, because it's a topic I've become really interested in and because I've gotten quite a few requests :)

Switch to natural feminine hygiene products. **Girl talk alert** For some reason, I'd been buying as many organic foods as possible over the past year, but had never thought about how the pesticides, dyes, and other chemicals in my traditional tampons could be entering my body. Regular tampons are of course still considered to be medically safe, but I've decided to eliminate any risks by using natural tampons (I use the brand Veeda and absolutely love them!). There is some good information about the topic in this article

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