Veeda is now available at Costco

Veeda available in Canada in October 2016

September 18, 2016

Veeda available in Canada in October 2016

It’s been a long time since I published a Friday Faves post, and I’m hoping to bring it back at least on a semi-regular basis. If this is where I share some of my current favourite things/discoveries from the past week or so, anything that was given to me as a pr sample will be clearly indicated as such.

Now let’s get started!

Last week was every girls favorite week – period week (insert eye roll here). I’ve talked about this off and on over the years but I’ve been trying to move more to natural products when I can, I still use lots of things that are full of chemicals but am cutting back where I can, and one of those places is with panty liners and such. I’ve used a few different brands over the years, and they have all worked decently, but this month Veeda sent me some of their panty liners to try and they are fabulous!

Aside from the fact that all their products are made with cotton, have no chemical, synthetics or dyes they actually STICK. So many off the liners I’ve tried have the saddest little adhesive strip and stay in place for approximately 5 seconds. These have been great and haven’t moved around at all! Veeda makes tampons, liners, pads, the whole works and are just getting ready to expand into Canada. As of October 1st they will be available for purchase in London Drugs and are coming soon to, Sobeys, and Overwaite.

You can check out their entire product line, and learn more about their commitment to making high-quality, natural feminine hygiene products on their website:

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