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Veeda Feminine Care

Night Pads

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Nightmare of a period? No problem! Especially designed for nighttime or extra heavy days so you can put your worries to rest
The last thing you need to worry about during your busy day is whether your feminine protection is holding up. Say goodbye to the bulk and hello to ultrathin comfort with Veeda pads’ body-hugging design, topped with the gentle feel of a natural cotton “silk soft” cover. 
Sleek and modern with a discreet design are just some of the perks of our pads. After all, bulkiness, bunching and noisy pads that scream, 'I'm on my period!' are a thing of the past. Choose Veeda for an all-over ultra-thin natural protection that allows you to move freely, feel confident and be you!

Ensuring only Natural Cotton comes in contact with your body.

  100% Natural Cotton Top Sheet
  Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, non-GMO
✓  Feather-soft wings

Does NOT contain

X  Chlorine, rayon, dioxides or pesticides
X  Fragrance
X  Chemicals or dyes


- Available in Regular and Super absorbency 
- Super absorbency is designed for heavy flows and overnight use
- Ultra-thin for reliable can’t-tell-it’s-there protection
- Gynaecologically and dermatologically tested, safe for a woman’s body and sensitive skin
- Secure stay-put design so your pad doesn’t bunch up
- Furrowed channeling to trap liquid (panty-saver!)
- Individually folded and sealed 

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