Veeda is now available at Costco

About Veeda

Veeda is not a conventional company. We are a true triple bottom line organization, which means that social and environmental factors are considered here. We care about the consumer, the environment, and the community.

Consumer: we make sure our customers have access to great and affordable products that are good for their health.

Environment: all our processes are designed to reduce the impact on the environment, from our offices to the full production cycle, from our marketing material.

Community: if it is not good for the community, it isn’t good for us. Veeda gives back to the society thought supporting local organizations that do something for the well-being of all.

At Veeda, we believe that “Natural” goods should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we create products for those who desire the purest ingredients at an affordable price. Pure and simple: it’s the Veeda way.