Veeda is now available at Costco

Don't just take our word for it

I am very happy that I discovered Veeda. Less discomfort, very absorbent and no leaks. This will remain on my must haves list. Thank you!"

- Jessica

The softness has to be felt to be believed. It is a total no-brainer to put soft, natural cotton against your vagina instead of nasty plastic-feeling towels which can cause rashes and all kinds of irritation, especially if you're an active person. I’ve found a chemical free brand that works for me and my lifestyle!"

- Brenda

“Amazing!!! Seriously, amazing! I had no idea that I wasn’t supposed to be in pain when using tampons/pads dripped in chemicals. It took me 15 years of horrible discomfort to realize that I have an allergy to the chemicals and pads found in conventional products.”

- Cathy

I not only felt physically better during my monthly gift, but also mentally felt better knowing I was using a product that was natural and environmentally innovative. I would 100% recommend Veeda products to all of you ladies out there and support you all in making the switch to Veeda!

- Jen

I personally use and support Veeda. If we collectively and consistently endorse non-harmful products through our purchases, companies will be forced to listen and then more likely to develop and sell more natural products.”

- Tina