The Naturalena Foundation was established with a steadfast mission to give good to the world through its charitable efforts. The foundation provides a platform for our company, our staff and our customers to provide a positive impact on our community.

We aim to provide assistance to women and children both in our local communities & globally where needed.

Our Mission is to create a world where young girls and women are not disadvantaged by the natural process of menstruation and can access and enjoy all opportunities available in an unhindered healthy way to deliver greater equality, opportunity and wellbeing for not only young girls and women, but society as whole.

For every purchase, Naturalena Brands donates a percentage of sales to deserving local organizations and communities around the world to help those who are underserved. The more products the Company sells, the more good we can do for the world.

Since the inception of our brands, we have always been committed to charitable giving. The Naturalena Foundation has donated millions of 100% Natural Cotton products from our brands; Veeda and Happy Little Camper. 

Visit our Naturalena Foundation website for more information.

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