Las Plumas High School Donation

June 15, 2020 1 min read

Las Plumas High School Donation

We are a company driven to help achieving results and success in our environment.
Our purpose is to analyze and take action against any problems communities face.
So, after receiving an e-mail from Las Plumas High School
requesting sanitary items for those in need, Veeda sent out a
year's supply of pads (day and night)and a year's supply of
tampons (regular and lite) for the school. It was truly
appreciated by the students and the School staff.
"Our school had asked many companies for help and donations of
feminine hygiene products. However, Veeda was the only one that
was willing to help. Veeda responded quickly and compassionately to
our request. Veeda has made a great and generous contribution, and
the resources given will help us to be more successful in helping our
students achieve their potential. Veeda left us in awe with their
kindness, support, and great product."
-Tanner Hickman—School of Social Work Intern, Las
Plumas High School

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