Spreading the Word About a Healthier Choice

June 05, 2020 2 min read

Spreading the Word About a Healthier Choice

We’d like to shine a spotlight on all the Veeda reviewers and fans who have taken the time to help us spread the word about healthy choices for periods. Menstruation is not the easiest word to say or topic to discuss. But when you think about how central it is to women's health, suddenly it feels like something we should be comfortable talking about. Periods and tampons seem to be having something of a media moment right now, with stories that have covered everything from protests of the tampon tax, to Instagram dustups, to calls for more government research of feminine hygiene products. The last one is particularly timely, as more and more people are beginning to realize that we don’t know what’s in most conventional tampons and pads, or what the long-term consequences are of using such synthetic products. Some stories from the past year are more serious than others, like the struggle of model Lauren Wasser with TSS, but they all highlight how much pent-up interest there is in talking about periods and how much need there is both for better education on the topic and better, healthier products like Veeda.

What this all means is that a variety of people are looking for places where they can talk about periods and find answers to their questions. One of those places is YouTube—we’ve been excited by all the interest from creators looking to try out and review our tampons and pads. These period channels offer advice, reviews, stories, suggestions and conversations. The women and girls who are making these videos are helping to create a community where anyone can come, talk, learn and share about the topic of periods. Even more importantly, they’re part of a growing movement to support girls and young women as they understand their periods in a positive way. We’re hoping we can do our part to provide better period education and safer period products—thanks so much for letting us be a part of your conversation!

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