Affordable, natural and healthy Veeda products

December 14, 2016 2 min read

Affordable, natural and healthy Veeda products

Today I want to share a brand I discovered, Veeda. I came across this brand and it caught my eye because they are a natural option for some seriously important products for women. Veeda sells tampons, panty liners and pads. They are a company that uses 100% natural cotton in their feminine products. I was quickly drawn to this aspect of their business because I am so tired of walking down the isles in Target and seeing feminine products full of chemicals. We’re supposed to put these items inside our bodies? No thank you.

I personally think Veeda is a great option for those just starting out. Maybe you aren’t on the organic train just yet, but you’ve realized conventional brands are awful. Veeda products worked great for me. No complaints about the quality of their product. Their items are very affordable and easy accessible. I could never find them in an actual store near me, but I know they are available to purchase in stores versus having to order online like some more natural or organic brands.

 I will always choose the most clean option and for me, that’s natural option over a chemical option. I do think Veeda Veeda is a great product at a great price point for everyone. You can shop and feel safe knowing the quality of the items you’re purchasing to use on and inside your body.

I used only Veeda strictly during one of my periods and I feel the quality and performance was the same as some of the more expensive organic products I’ve used. I think it’s so important for us to educate ourselves on the products we use every single day and especially when we are inserting them into our bodies for hours at a time.

Do your own research and always choose the option that will work best for you. I think Veeda is a great option for a lot of young and working women who may not have all the time to do intensive research or have a lot of money to spend on trying to make the switch from conventional to a more clean and green way of living. Veeda is a great place to start!

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