Genuinely Natural Hygiene Products At Really Affordable Prices

December 14, 2016 1 min read

Genuinely Natural Hygiene Products At Really Affordable Prices

Periods are a touchy topic for many people, but I really think they shouldn't be.

After all, what you put in and on your body is important!

Veeda uses safe ingredients (100% natural, hypoallergenic cotton), eco-friendly materials, and best of all, they're affordable!

There are no synthetics, dyes, or harmful chemicals.

While I do prefer using a cup for environmental reasons, I love to carry these around with me just in case - they're super absorbent, easy and comfortable to use and wear, and I haven't experienced leaks with the tampons or the pads.

Most tampons contain a ton of gross dyes, fragrances, and synthetic materials, as well as chemicals that can cause irritation, illness, and heighten the risk of TSS - natural feminine care products are better for your body, better for your health, and better for the environment.

You can get a 16 count box of tampons for about $6, and a 14 count box of pads with wings for about $5! Price and availability has always been an issue for me when it comes to tampons; the 100% cotton, eco-friendly ones tend to be super pricey and difficult to source, so I'm glad that Veeda is providing genuinely natural hygiene products at really affordable prices.

Thank you Veeda for allowing me to find a new favorite brand of pads/tampons!

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