How Menstrual Cycles Suck And How Veeda Can Help

October 03, 2016 3 min read

How Menstrual Cycles Suck And How Veeda Can Help

As a woman I have this lovely thing called a period every month.  If you want to be fancy you could call them menstrual cycles, but either way it’s a pain in my gut.  Literally. Sometimes twice a month even.

Don’t get me wrong, having a regular menstrual cycle is a good thing.  It means my body is working properly and, should I want to go through the hassle of having another baby, I could.  I mean I grew two lovely people in there, but now I’m done.  Sometimes I wish there was a switch to turn it off.

My periods are usually painful.  I get heavy flow and it feels like it did at the end of my pregnancy when I thought the baby might just fall out as there was so much pressure down there.  That usually lasts for a full 24 hours.  So I take Advil or Midol and suck it up.  It’s worse when I have to stand all day.  Luckily, if I’m at work on that particular day there’s a 50/50 chance I may be sitting for most of the day.  If not it’s just stand all day and bear the pain.

The other painful part of my menstrual cycles is my ovulation time.  Before I had a kids I had no idea when I was ovulating.  Before my first pregnancy my cycles were irregular and more annoying as the period would come unannounced sometimes.  Ick.  But now that I’m on a regular (unmedicated) schedule I feel my ovulation time acutely as well.  It’s unpleasant and I’ve had it looked into.

I guess my ovaries are a fertile place for cysts to grow.  I don’t have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.  Or at least I didn’t when I was checked 10 years ago.  But I do grow the odd cyst every cycle – or so they tell me.  It hurts like a mofo but I just deal with it like I do the painful period part.

I chose to try my Veeda tampons on the first day of my last cycle.  Sadly the regular tampons were not adequate for the flow that day.  I’m usually a heavy flow at the beginning and then light flow a few days later.  The “regular” tampons don’t get used that often in my cycle.  That being said, the tampons were fine.

I don’t usually use applicator tampons because I don’t like disposing of the applicator.  It’s just an extra piece of garbage that I have to get rid of.  Veeda does have applicator free options but I didn’t get to try them out.   I like the ability to spread out the base of the tampon before inserting it – makes me feel like it’s going to expand all around inside.

The nice thing about the Veeda products is that it’s all 100% cotton.  According to them this lessens the risk of TSS.  Plus it’s nicer to think you’re using all natural products during the least exciting part of your month, as a woman.

During my emails with the company it was suggested Veeda products would be available in Canada by now.  When I use the locator on the website it says there’s nowhere close to me that I could buy them.  There is always an option of ordering them from the website, but I like the idea of just picking them up with my regular shopping during the month.

Would I use them again?  Yes.  I did also use the pads, in a back-up format.  They were thin and soft and didn’t irritate me at all.  Some other brands are more plastic-y and can irritate my inner thighs sometimes.  Not these ones.  So that’s a big plus in my books.  I just don’t often use maxi pads any more.  Perhaps when the girls get there this brand will be available in Canada and we’ll give it a try again.

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