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November 14, 2018 3 min read

Woman giving pads to Women

It’s surprising just how quickly the holiday season comes once we set our clocks back each fall and prepare for the longer winter nights. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you’re probably busy figuring out which family members you’ll be eating turkey with, if you will be cooking or eating at a restaurant.

Thanksgiving Is More Than A Holiday

While Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and celebrations at its core it is really about being grateful. We often live our lives in tiny bubbles where our day-to-day routine encompasses worrying about ourselves and our inner circle. That’s totally normal but taking a step back and focusing on having a thankful heart means reaching beyond our own needs and not so much on what you can receive but also what you can give. 

Our Mission To Give Back

At Veeda, we are grateful for our customers whose purchases help our 360* Fund andProject Every Woman movement where we support and educate underserved women all over the world to have access to much-needed resources to better their lives. We appreciate the loyal and diverse women across the globe who believe in our mission to provide natural, hypoallergenic feminine hygiene products to everyone, everywhere.

To show our gratitude and meet our goal of helping disadvantaged women, we are promoting healthier lifestyles by donating Veeda feminine hygiene products to those that can’t afford it. Our charity contributions have reached programs likeHarbor House (Ohio),Women in Distress (Ft. Lauderdale), The Lotus House (Miami),LIfeNet4Families, which help victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and homelessness. Veeda has also worked with programs that help young adults like The Teen Project by donating to its Freehap shelter, a 12-step drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for foster care and homeless youth. Veeda has also given to young women in need at a high school in Northern California.

Additionally, our donations have extended outside of the U.S., to Africa where we’ve donated over 75,000 natural cotton pads toWorld Vision andWomanKind in Ethiopia.  

Helping Homeless Women

Through the #HappyPeriod movement inspired by Chelsea VonChaz, Veeda has provided menstrual hygiene products and other womanly necessities such as bras to women who are homeless or suffering financial hardship. Our charity efforts have also supported similar causes such as Support the Girls, Distributing Dignity, Camions of Care, Peach Coven,Do GOOD Bus and We Racket.

All of these non-profit organizations have similar missions – to address the natural needs of women in need. We are grateful to partner with such wonderful, altruistic organizations with missions similar to our own – to be a resource for women without shame around the topic of menstrual hygiene.  

How Can I Get Involved?

We get the “how can I help” question a lot and love the philosophy of women helping women. We have a lofty but achievable mission to donate 1 million tampons to women’s organizations around the world. We are able to progressively meet that goal through Veeda purchases made online andin-stores.

Holiday Deals and Steals on Veeda

Watch for our upcoming holiday deals on Veeda tampons,pads,liners andintimate wipes as a part of our ongoing efforts to provide women with affordable feminine care that are non-chemical, hypoallergenic and made with natural ingredients. You won’t want to miss these deals and stock-up! Plus you’ll know that you’re supporting less-fortunate women at the same time. We’re grateful for you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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