September 18, 2017 2 min read

Bathroom items in line on bathroom counter

I usually take Sundays to talk about Skincare; but, today I'm switching things up! Let's talk about selfcare!

I will be honest, until I received these products I hadn't really thought about what ingredients were in my feminine hygiene products - really, I just bought whatever was on sale to help deal with Aunt Flow. 

Pads on Bathroom Counter

*Veeda has created products that are better for your body, better for health and better for the environment. They are also committed to offering a premium product at an affordable price.

I like that Veeda isn't just about making feminine care products; but, that they come with a social mission as well! Veeda donates a portion of their sales to the 360° Care Fund to support disadvantaged women and children around the world and they donate 1 million tampons a year to women's organizations. 


Veeda products are made with natural, organic cotton that is hypoallergenic, absorbent, comfortable and fragrance free. You will never find rayon or other synthetic ingredients, dioxins (used to bleach mass-produced tampons), pesticides/herbicides, and dyes or fragrances of any kind.

Reading about some of the ingredients included in most tampons and pads was quite eye-opening - while I know other feminine care products go through testing, we are putting these products in a fairly sensitive area; I know I want to do all I can to keep it as healthy as possible! 

Tampon package on bathroom counter

Another benefit to using all natural cotton, is the products themselves are all biodegradable and all the packaging is recyclable. 

I think the products are well priced: 40 liners for $4.79, 48 tampons for $17.99, and 42 pads for $12.12 - US dollars. 

I have used all 3 products and was impressed with them all - I'm not personally a pad wearer but I used these post-baby and they worked well (TMI???), and I thought the tampons and liners were comfortable and preformed well. I have already used their store locator so I know where I can pick up some more in Calgary! I'm all about this safe, effective and earth-friendly brand who cares about women's health! 

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