The best underwear for vaginal health

December 18, 2021 2 min read

The best underwear for vaginal health

We've put together our tips for the best underwear for a healthy vagina!

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When shopping for underwear, look for natural materials, keeping well away from chemicals and dyes. If this sounds familiar, that’s great news! Period products and undies are in constant contact with our most sensitive areas; it makes sense that the same recommendations apply!

Synthetic fabrics can trigger chafing and redness. Nylon, polyester, lace, and spandex increase your risk of irritation and vaginal infection. These synthetic materials can lead to irritation but also don’t allow the vagina to breathe, trapping heat and moisture. And we know that Yeast thrives in heat and moisture environments, increasing your risk of yeast infections.

Why the focus on moisture?

Vaginal discharge is part and parcel of a healthy vagina and getting sweaty in the vagina area is totally normal. Your undies need to allow the area to breathe and absorb any moisture.  (The vagina produces 4ml of discharge every day!)

So, what’s the best underwear material for your vagina? *Drumroll please* Comfy, soft, moisture-absorbing organic cotton is the best underwear fabric! If you can't find cotton underwear, look for cotton lined undies with a cotton crotch. 

Vagina-friendly cotton is breathable and wicks away moisture. This makes it perfect for your undies, as well as your period care products! Moisture wicking cotton is a breathable fabric that helps prevent irritation and infection in your most sensitive areas.

But it doesn’t stop there! Your underwear sits against your sensitive skin for long periods of time. Its recommended to use hypoallergenic washing powder or liquid to avoid irritation, itching or allergic reactions.

What size underwear am I?

Avoid wearing underwear that is too tight, as it can cause vaginal and vulval irritation. It can also trap moisture and air between the skin and the fabric, putting you at risk of vaginal infections.  

What style of underwear is best?

Whatever you find most comfortable! Boy shorts, thongs, briefs... The type of underwear you wear is a personal choice based on comfort and personal preference.

There is no evidence that G-strings increase or decrease the chance of infection or irritation. Material choice, and the right size underwear are ultimately the biggest factors that contribute to a happy and healthy vagina! 

Does underwear expire?

The good news is that there is no timeline or expiry date on your undies. Your underwear can be replaced as often or rarely as it suits you.

Vaginal discharge is acidic which can cause visible bleaching in the gusset of your undies, leaving behind white or yellow stains. Wearing Veeda natural 100% cotton panty liners will help protect your underwear from staining, whilst allowing your vagina to breathe. Fragranced items can be irritating to your vulva, so it’s important to ensure that your panty liners are unscented. 

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Should you wear panties to bed?

Going commando to bed enables your vagina to breathe and prevents moisture from building. If you aren’t comfortable sleeping naked, wearing loose clothing to bed (and no underwear) will have a similar benefit.




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