Veeda 100% natural cotton tampon & Pads Review!

June 14, 2017 2 min read

Veeda 100% natural cotton tampon & Pads Review!

It all began with two Australian lads who wanted to provide women with feminine care products that were not only affordable but all natural and didn't contain harsh ingredients that could wreak havoc to their bodies.

Before they began Veeda they discussed with other women both their likes and dislikes about their feminine care products and the shocking truth was the fact that they had no clue the brand of choice they were using was conjured up of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that could possibly wreak havoc on their health as well as their bodies even long after usage.

Veeda is made from biodegradable cotton, sustainably sourced, ultra absorbent, offers leak proof protection made from recyclable packaging.

Did you know that natural cotton is the most absorbent material that's found in nature?

 It will absorb more than 20 times its weight and will help with leakage protection during your period keeping you safe, dry and confident!

Veeda believes in:

  • Customers: offering women top notch natural feminine care products as well as knowledge to so they can be aware of their own health.
  • Environment: Developing products that are eco-friendly as well as safe for the environment
  • Community: Reimburse through Project Everywoman, the 360 degree care fund and other individual charities.

When it comes to periods for a woman whether younger or older the only thing that matters is the fact that they have a say in the product they use which they should choose only the best.

Veeda provides a line of

  • Applicator Tampons
  • Applicator Free
  • Feminine Wipes
  • Ultra-Thin Pads
  • Panty Liners

Throughout my teenage years into adulthood I have tried many brands of both feminine care pads and tampons which left me irritated not to mention uncomfortable I mean have you seen the size of some pads, talk about diaper waddle!

The moment I tried Veeda feminine care products I was in love and that they didn't even come close in comparison to those other brands. Veeda was super comfortable, free from chemicals, made with 100% hypoallergenic cotton which provided no irritation upon inserting or removing whatsoever, reduces waste and plus it lessens the risk of toxic reactions such as toxic shock syndrome.

Veeda 100% cotton pads provide uttermost absorption with unbelievable comfort. Veeda's oxygen cleansing no silk coversheet packaging and silhouette form makes it fit to your bodies shape and is protected for daily usage. 

What I liked most about the Veeda tampons was the fact that not only did they provide protection against leaks but they were comfortable being gentle on my skin, moved with me, it was easy to remove plus that it was made from natural resources without any dyes.

The pads were comfortable and didn't offer that diaper like feel like others do, don't you just hate that!? 

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