Veeda, my highly suggested natural choice

December 14, 2016 2 min read

Veeda, my highly suggested natural choice

I really wanted to try Veeda products after I read about their story on how they started.. Surprisingly, it was started by two men! I thought that was pretty interesting! They found the importance of women using natural menstrual products and how it wasn’t always easy to find! The risk factors of using conventional menstrual products were high and they were determined to fix that issue. They even wanted to save the environment!  All a plus in my book!

They offer feminine wipes and various types of tampons, pads, and liners. I got the opportunity to try tampons, thin pad and liners.

First, let’s talk tampons…

The positives…  It’s natural cotton.. No chemicals or dyes and no chlorine!! It’s comfortable and absorbent! It’s compact andfits well in a purse or jeans pocket. I didn’t have any issues with leaking or wearing for an extended amount of time. The tampon itself is biodegradable..HUGE PLUS! However, my one negative or con.. It’s a plastic applicator! I understand that is how the majority of compact tampons are made, but I personally prefer a cardboard applicator. One cardboard with break down and not cause any waste, and there is no worry of inserting plastic into your body…  That’s just my personal preference and it did not effect the overall performance of the tampon.

Secondly…. The Liner!

I really liked the liners! They are thin, but they don’t bunch! That’s one the worst things I hate about liners! I wear them for an hour and I can either feel them shifting or bunching in the middle. That wasn’t the case. Not sure if this was because of the adhesive or the cotton that they use where they didn’t shift.They are hypoallergenic and biodegradable! They are made from all natural cotton with no chemicals or dyes. No fragrances or perfumes. I will be purchasing these again!

Last, but not least….Ultra Thin Pads!

I usually like to wear pads to bed. I used to be totally against this because I would worry about leaking. I was noticing though, I’d get cramps a lot in my sleep. I had read some forums and someone suggested to only using pads to your body can freely bleed and there isn’t any pressure being applied to the cervix while sleeping. I am not sure if this is true or not, but I did notice a difference! I am picky though when it comes to pads while I sleep, because I don’t want to ruin any sheets. They have to be absorbent and dependable that they will not shift while I toss and turn. Veeda met both of those! Also, being hypoallergenic and made of all natural cotton is always a plus. It’s thin and doesn’t bunch or make you feel like your wearing a diaper! No chemicals or fragrances… I like it! This is a great natural alternative for pads! Highly suggested!!

Overall, Veeda is a great brand and I will be purchasing more of their pads, liners and I’m excited to see what their feminine wipes are like! 

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