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It’s that time again – time to pay your “monthly bill”. You run to the store and pick up your usual popular or store brand feminine product and go on your way, never stopping to think  that there could be any health or environmental risks involved in your choices.

For years, that was me – get whatever and go with the flow so to speak. Now, after learning about all of the toxic chemicals that make up those name brand products (not to mention how extremely absorbent our lady parts are), I can no longer just buy “whatever”.


Did you know that conventional pads and tampons aren’t even made with 100% cotton? Most are made with a blend of rayon, cotton, and other synthetic ingredients. What’s worse is that not only is any cotton that is used GMO, so it is sprayed with pesticides, but conventional feminine products are bleached with chlorine – a process that produces dioxin (an endocrine disruptor) as a by-product. And if that’s not bad enough, the fibers from the rayon can become attached to vaginal walls, increasing the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)! Yeeeeaaaaah, me and my V say no thanks!

Fortunately, there now are many safer options for us ladies.

I have also recently had the privilege of testing some products from a brand called Veeda. Originally started by two Australians, they learned about the dangerous chemicals used in feminine products, not to mention the higher price tag of most of the organic versions. Realizing this was an issue, they set out to change that and thus, Veeda was born.

Veeda uses 100% pure, natural cotton in their products, and though not organic, no toxic chemicals, dyes, fragrance or synthetics are used. The cotton is also cleaned with oxygen rather than chlorine, making it safer for both women and the environment. The pad packages use a bio-degradable wrap that breaks down in 6-12 months and has been tested for environmental safety. The tampon applicators are BPA-free and the tampons themselves are 100% biodegradable as well.

How do they work?

I’ll be honest, I have never been able to use tampons comfortably, so I can’t give a review on those. BUT, the pads that I was sent I liked a lot. They were comfortable, didn’t bunch or move, absorbed well and were non-irritating (I never knew that conventional pads could irritate so badly, even the so-called “fragrance-free” ones)! I would definitely like to try some of their other pads for sure and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for greener, cleaner, more budget friendly feminine products.

Besides making safer and more affordable feminine products, Veeda is also a company that gives back. 

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