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We all dread that horrible time of the month where Aunt Flow decides to surprise us with a visit… During this time, we're not exactly thinking too much about the products were using and just pick up a generic brand that we see in commercials on TV. What we don’t consider is the harmful chemicals, dyes and fragrances that can have strong negative effects on the female body.


What harmful products are found in generic brands? 

Rayon and other synthetic materials: can lead to deadly Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Dioxins (carcinogens): Did you know that chlorine is used to bleach many generic tampons?? This has been found cause endometriosis and create an unbalanced hormonal reproductive system.
Pesticides and herbicides: likely to cause infertility, neurological dysfunction, and developmental defects.
Dyes and fragrances: can lead to allergies, burning, itching and infection.

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What can I use that does not contain these harmful materials?

Veeda 100% Natural feminine hygiene products DO NOT contain any  dyes, chemicals, etc. The best part is that they are made out of 100% cotton for maximum absorbency and they are hypoallergenic! They contain ZERO genetically modified organisms and prevent females from putting harsh chemicals into their body. I’ve been using these products for months now and absolutely love them; they are easy, healthy and affordable! I find mine at my local ShopRite or Stop&Shop in the feminine care aisle. After doing research on other materials and the harm of using generic brands, I refuse to use anything other than Veeda products. Even pads contain harsh chemicals that can seep into your skin having detrimental effects on your health as a woman. Stay healthy, stay natural, stay Veeda!


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