Why I use Veeda natural feminine hygiene

September 12, 2016 2 min read

Why I use Veeda natural feminine hygiene

Are you aware with how many chemicals are living in your everyday products? Tampons, pads and even toilet paper are bleached…and some are even made with synthetic materials (what even?) Keep on reading to learn why I use natural cotton tampons and pads from Veeda.

1.) They’re natural!

Veeda never uses any dyes, chemicals or synthetics when making their feminine hygiene products. They’re always 100% natural cotton. Most brands that you probably see in Walmart or Target are made from bleached cotton or other synthetic materials. Not only that, but they aren’t even made out of 100% cotton, the majority of them contain blends of rayon, cotton and synthetic materials. (Some companies don’t even disclose what is in their products – makes you wonder…)

2.) They’re better for you.

If seeing that your conventional tampons carry different kinds of chemicals and disclosed materials didn’t make you want to make the switch, maybe this will. When using natural tampons (like Veeda), your risk of TSS is significantly lower – I know that whenever I use tampons I always have a fear that I will get TSS and that’s why I avoided tampons for so long, but when using Veeda I know I really don’t have anything to worry about (plus, my body isn’t absorbing those yucky chemicals!) Using natural tampons/hygiene products can also reduce irritation and allergic reactions.

3.) They’re biodegradable.

I feel like the amount of plastic and trash that we use/create is kind of disgusting, so I’m glad that Veeda uses biodegradable packaging. Their BioFilm packaging for the pads will breakdown in 6-12 months and has been tested for environmental safety. They also offer tampons without the applicator if you are conscious about the footprint you leave behind!

4.) They give back.

Veeda has created a 360 degree care fund, which helps disadvantaged women and children around the world. Their goal is to help them live the healthiest and best life that they can, by providing financial, educational + more support to those who need it most.

Overall, I prefer Veeda over other natural hygiene brands. They’re products are affordable, natural and they do good (which you guys already know I’m totally about giving back!) I’ve never had an issue with irritation or leakage with their products, so I do highly recommend them if you’re looking to switch to a natural alternative!

Do you use natural feminine products? Why, or why not? Let me know!

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