Veeda 100% Natural Cotton BPA-Free Compact Applicator Tampons provide the comfort and reliability with natural cotton and no harmful ingredients. Veeda tampons have specialized grooves for all-around coverage to help prevent leaks. Period.

Available In: Lite, Regular, Super & Super Plus

Made with 100% Natural GMO-Free cotton and no harmful ingredients. Kind to your body and kind to the earth.

We source our 100% natural cotton directly from a global network of leading cotton traders and all cotton is cleansed with an oxygen cleansing process, not chlorine-bleached, for a healthier eco-friendlier product. This process removes all dirt and impurities including any synthetic matter and this is the exact same process by which all organic cotton is cleansed with to ensure it also has no synthetic substances. 

Our tampons are lab-tested for over 250 harmful chemicals and contain no wood or synthetic fibres, no additives or pesticides, and no dioxins. Another reason we choose to use only 100% pure, hypoallergenic cotton, is because cotton does not contribute to the growth of the bacteria that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), irritation and allergic reactions.

Veeda is gentle on your body and on the earth, you can feel good about using Veeda’s 100% natural cotton tampons for your period, month after month.