Natural Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear for Women

Veeda women’s pull up incontinence & postpartum underwear provides discreet and reliable protection to support a leak-proof lifestyle. 

  • LEAK PROOF COVERAGE ALL DAY OR NIGHT LONG – the absorbent bio-core blend with added green tea leaf extract for a special dry, cool, breathable touch and a moisture wick layer, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable all day or all night long.
  • WORRY FREE ODOR PROTECTION Veeda incontinence products are made with a wicking fabric that quickly draws moisture away from the skin and neutralizes urine odor. 
  • DISCREET – our ultra-thin, ultra-absorbent pull up underwear provides a discreet look without compromising on protection. 
  • FITS LIKE REAL UNDERWEAR - Live your best life with the convenience of disposable super absorbent underwear that fits like regular underwear. Anti-leakage cuffs and perforated sides for easy removal.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED - Hypoallergenic, safe for Sensitive skin, ultra-thin incontinence underwear for maximum absorbency and reliable protection.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our plant-based incontinence underwear features an absorbent bio-core blend with FSC certified pulp, totally chlorine-free, dye-free, lotion-free, fragrance-free and no harmful chemicals for a flexible fit and leak-proof protection. Safe for everyday use and won’t irritate your skin. 
  • THOUGHTFULLY DESIGNED - The added Green Tea Leaf Extract in our Veeda Incontinence Pads, liners and underwear helps calm irritation, soothe redness and swelling and helps eliminate bacteria and other pollutants on the skin’s surface. 

Veeda natural women’s incontinence underwear offers maximum absorbency for incontinence & postpartum, day and night use. Our disposable underwear is designed to be ultra thin, discreet and comfortable without compromising on protection. Veeda’s women’s briefs have anti-leakage cuffs and perforated sides for easy removal to leave you odorless, dry and comfortable.  Veeda adult underwear fits like real underwear and does not contain harmful chemicals so is safe for everyday use and won’t irritate your skin. Our pull up underwear is available in sizes: small/medium (S/M), large (L) and extra large (XL) so you can live a leak-proof lifestyle. Shop Veeda incontinence products today.

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