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Go natural and have a healthier period with natural cotton protection to custom-fit your shape. Veeda Tampons provide the comfort and reliability you value without compromising your health or our precious environment. 
It's true! We like to shout loud and proud that our one and only ingredient in our tampons is 100% natural cotton without any harmful ingredients.
The tampon gently expands in width and has specialized grooves for all-around coverage to help prevent leaks.

It's period protection that you can feel good about!

Contains only natural ingredients

 Applicator:  BPA-free plastic applicator
 Absorbent core and outer layer:  100% Natural Cotton
 String:  Strong woven cotton
 Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, non-GMO

Does NOT contain

X  Chlorine, rayon, dioxides or pesticides
X  Fragrance
X  Synthetic fibers, chemicals, or dyes


- Applicator Tampons absorbency: Light, Regular, Super, or Super Plus
- Pocket-size, portable and discreet
- Customers have reported less discomfort and shorter periods
- Gynaecologically and dermatologically tested
- Biodegradable tampons and packaged using recyclable materials
- Our cotton goes from farm to packaged product using one facility
- Cotton does not contribute to the growth of the bacteria that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
- Pocket-size, portable and discreet

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