The natural Veeda approach to feminine care

September 13, 2016 3 min read

The natural Veeda approach to feminine care

Let's do some girl talk. Today we're talking about feminine care, products, and periods. I've never been one to be shy about this kind of stuff. Feminine care is super important, and today I'm going to talk about why using natural and organic feminine products are important and also the importance of education on using them. This is where Veeda comes in. 

I was gratefully sent a box of Veeda's 100% natrual cotton regular tampons* and Veeda's natural cotton ultra thin pads* to try out. These products are 100% chemical free, and they are also hypoallergenic cotton which helps to avoid irritation, and reduce this risk of toxic reactions, unlike a lot of big name and leading brands of feminine care products. 
A lot of other big name and leading feminine care brands use extra chemicals, bleach, chlorine, dyes etc. They contain synthetics like dioxins, polyester, and bleached rayon. 
You can read more about Veeda's story here.  They also have a FAQ Page that has a ton of useful information. 
The best part about Veeda is their 360° CARE FUND . 
They also have a goal to donate One Million tampons a year to women in need. 
For the past two years, I've been into more natural and organic products. It started with organic food, and moved to skin and hair care. It honestly didn't even cross my mind about using organic feminine products, until I watched some videos by Laura's Natural Life talking about period health. I was honestly scared that I've been using feminine products for years that contain so many chemicals, bleach, etc. 

My Thoughts on Veeda

-I'm super happy to say that I love both products. I'm picky about both pads and tampons, but both of these a very comfortable to wear. 
-The pads are very thin, comfortable, and barely noticeable. They aren't bulky at all. 
-The tampons are also comfortable, and again, not noticeable. The applicator is easy to use also. I'm probably not the only one who's picky about applicators, so I was really surprised that these worked nice! 
-Both these products are very absorbent, and I experienced no leaking with either of them. 
-Veeda is also super affordable! I also noticed that if you sign up with your email, you can get a 10% off discount on your first order. They do sell their products in stores as well, so you can check the store locator on their website to see if their products are in a store near you. I was pleasantly surprised that a ton of stores within a half hour of me carry Veeda!
Overall, I'm very happy with Veeda. They are affordable, they have a variety of products- different size tampons, panty liners, day pads, night pads, variety packs, applicator free tampons, feminine wipes, and you can also buy in packs of 3 if you'd rather buy in bulk. 
I love that they promote and educate on natural and organic feminine products too! I will always purchase natural and organic products now that I've learned about all of the harmful things that are in conventional brand. 
And huge thank you to Veeda for sending me these goodies to review, and letting me help spread the world about the importance of natural feminine care. 
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