Veeda Cares

At Veeda, we've created the 360° Care Fund to give disadvantaged women and children around the world the best opportunity to live healthier, fuller lives. We provide financial, material, educational, childcare, psychological, and moral support to those who need it most.

This program is funded entirely by a portion of our U.S. online sales, plus a percentage of global profits. So every time you purchase a Veeda product, you're helping to heal the world, too.

Veeda has a goal to donate 1 Million Tampons a year, to womens' organizations in need.

Veeda pads donation to women in need
If you, or someone you know, works with an organisation that you think Veeda could help, please email us at charity@veedausa.comBut our vision doesn’t end with our company. We’re currently approaching major global corporations to join us in order to make a truly significant change. Together, we can change lives.