Veeda Natural: 100% Cotton Tampons

August 14, 2017 3 min read

Veeda Natural: 100% Cotton Tampons

If you’ve been following my blog then you know I’ve talked about the importance of natural tampons in the past . From pesticides to dyes, there are many reasons why choosing all natural brands is super important.

Veeda is another example of a nontoxic company offering women healthier alternatives for their feminine hygiene needs. Veeda, interestingly enough, was actually founded by two men who were surprised to learn that natural affordable period options for women weren’t as readily available as they assumed. The name comes from the Latin word “Vida” meaning Life and Sanskrit word “Veda” meaning Knowledge. All Veeda products are made from hypoallergenic cotton and proudly eliminates the use of all synthetics, chemicals and dyes making it their mission to empower women around the world.

The Veeda team was kind enough to send a huge variety box of their tampon sizes (regular, super and super plus) for me to try and review with you all, so here we go!

I should start by sharing a few deets about my flow. I usually get my period for about 5-6 days with the 2nd-3rd days being pretty heavy. I definitely fall in the category of a “super” user on these days and can only get away with using “regular” on my first and last days. At night I typically need to use a “super” + a liner before bed due to the long hours without changing and have also had leaks in the past if I don’t. Now that you have a little background on my cycle lets get into my experience using Veeda.

To give these babies the ultimate test, I decided to try them out during my week long beach get away…. because as we know period’s could care less about scheduled vacations. Yay for mother nature.

Anyhoo, I started with their “regular” size tampons on the first day. It was perfect for my light flow and comfortable to wear. Each size is color coded and very compact which makes it nice if you’ve got a few thrown in your bag for easier identification. They’re also labeled with drops on the individual packaging to remind you of the level of absorbency in case you forget which color is which.

The “regulars” come in green packaging with a box of 16 that holds about 6-9 grams. These do come with an applicator (plastic) but they also offer without if you prefer to avoid this. If you tend to have regular – lighter periods these would be perfect for you. But if you have a VERY light period then they do offer a “light” size (the color blue) that I personally did not try for this review.

On the 2nd-3rd days I reached for the “super” tampons which come in the color purple. They hold 9-12 grams and again are very comfortable to wear. I stuck to these when inside the beach condo and switched to “super plus” (orange) before heading to the water and at night.

Leaks happening at the beach/pool is of course up there on my worst fears list. I’m happy to share though this was not the case. The tampons held up great when swimming and out of the water too. This to me was the ultimate test of their absorbency/quality and they passed with flying colors – no pun intended haha. If you have a heavy flow, workout intensely or just feel like swimming when its that time of the month, I highly recommend you give these tampons a shot. They were completely leak proof and it felt good to be able to do normal things without having to worry.

If tampons just aren’t your thing though they do also offer pads, liners and feminine wipes. Their prices are super affordable in comparison to some other natural brands and my overall experience was very positive. I can’t express enough how important it is to invest in your health and I’m thankful for companies like Veeda for making it easy to do so.

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