February 12, 2019 3 min read

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It’s love month, and if you’re one that dreads February 14th because you’re oh-so single, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Hey, who says you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day with the girls?

Embrace Being Single

Look, the average American spends a whopping$19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts, that’s a crazy amount of money. On the bright side, think of the holiday as a cost savings to you, since you don't have to shell out cash for costly gifts. Besides, singlehood is something to be embraced, regardless if the dreaded V-Day feels like it’s placing a magnifying glass over your single status.

The best part of being single is that you don’t have to answer to anyone. You can come and go as you please and do what you want. There’s nothing quite like that sort of freedom. So, take charge and plan ahead. That way you’re not just sitting around alone, feeling sorry for yourself.  

5 #GalentinesDay Tips For Singles!

  1. Plan ahead: CelebrateGalentine’s Day by celebrating the girlfriends in your life. You can make it fun, like a dinner date with single friends, even if it’s one friend. Hanging out with friends is better than watching Netflix alone and eating straight out of your favorite tub of ice cream.
  2. Embrace Non-Romantic Love: Who says you can’t celebrate non-romantic love? Do you have a cat or a dog, or heck, a pet fish? Celebrate your furry friends and appreciate their loyal devotion.
  3. Gift To A Friend: Exchange a gift to a platonic friend, and hey, you can make this a tradition whether you're hitched next V-Day or still single. To keep the cost down, stick to a dollar amount like a $25 gift.  
  4. Movie Night: Grab a friend and head to the movies, or if you’re on a budget, invite friends over and make it a single’s V-Day party. You can celebrate singlehood together with dinner, cocktails, and don’t forget Netflix.
  5. Spa Day: Hello, you can save the money you were going to spend on someone else and gift it to yourself. Not that gifting to a loved one is a bad thing, it’s totally great. But since you’re single, girl, it’s time to spoil yourself.

Give Love Back

Did you know thatFebruary 17th is Random Acts Of Kindness Day? Some people celebrate early, rather than waiting three days, you can start giving back today. Try doing something nice for your friends, relatives, or a total stranger. You can also volunteer your time by going toVolunteer Match.Studies show that volunteering your time is actually good for your mind and body. In fact, volunteering your time can reduce depression, lower blood pressure, plus it helps you to connect with others. Those who volunteer their time at leasttwo hours a week have reported having lowered feelings of loneliness previously heightened. Plus who knows, you could end up meeting a potential Cupid’s Match, at the volunteer event.

You Are Enough

Remember, regardless if you’re single or dating, you are enough just as you are with or without someone. Relationships are great, but being single allows you to work on your interpersonal growth so that when you meet someone special, you’ll be ready. So, make this Valentine’s Day the best single-day ever and embrace singlehood!

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