If you’ve been using the same conventional products that your mother and grandmother used before you, is it a bad thing?

Chances are high that many of these products that your mother and grandmother used are not exactly the same as they are today.

We now have a lot more access to information about the ingredients in our products and how they’ve impacted our health over the years.

Humans have been using different substances to “alter their appearance or accentuate their features for at least 10,000 years”. For example, Greek women used to apply poisonous lead carbonate to their faces so that they could achieve a “pale complexion”. Today, Lead is banned from products that you apply to your skin.


“After learning how conventionally made feminine care products affected our body and environment, Veeda was created.”

Hello, world!

We were already making eco-moves in our daily lives by incorporating cleaner eating habits, switching to non-toxic home cleaners, and being conscious of our ecological footprint - it only seemed fitting that we give that same attention to our period protection. 

After learning how conventionally made feminine care products affected our body and environment, Veeda was created. Hello, world!

The idea behind Veeda was to offer a premium, healthy, and affordable alternative to the traditional, synthetic, and often chemical-filled personal care products which have gone unchanged for decades. We created these products with all women in mind, especially those looking to live a healthier lifestyle and make changes for the better. 

Make the switch to natural products


More and more people are making the switch to all-natural, plant-based period products to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fragrances, and dyes. Toxic chemicals are not only absorbed through our skin or ingested, but they end up washed down the drain polluting our waterways, or thrown out to make their way into landfills, over time leaching into soil and groundwater, and polluting our environment.

Benefits of cotton period care


Not only is cotton soft, but it is also recommended for people with sensitive skin or allergies as its gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation. Cotton is really absorbent meaning it holds more water than synthetic fibres and draws moisture away from the body (like a towel), allowing the skin to breathe. Its superior wet-strength makes it more tear-resistant and therefore perfect for products that require exposure to liquids.


Avoiding allergens and irritants


People make the switch to natural products for many reasons, from concerns over specific ingredients, to wanting to use products that are better for the environment. But for some people, in particular those with sensitive skin or chronic skin conditions such as eczema, using some natural products can still lead to inflammation and irritations.

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