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Woman opening Christmas present

Are you a bit of a procrastinator? If you’ve been super busy scrambling to finish last minute shopping, you’re not alone.

According to one survey, approximately 51 percent of last-minute shoppers plan to go online for the gifts, and 53 percent, approximately 126 million people, plan to shop over “Super-Saturday” weekend (the last weekend before Christmas.) If this sounds like you, here are some tips to assist you with our last-minute shopping list.

Last-Minute Shopping For Her

Check it out ladies, buying something at the “11th hour” hinges on supply and demand. Think of gifts that are readily available and generally fool-proof.

  • Gift Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Cards!!!

  • You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of personal choice at their favorite store. There are gift cards for just about everything, even Uber! But one of the top fav gift cards are for use at restaurants. Restaurant gift cards are super awesome for a busy girlfriend who desperately needs a date night with the boyfriend or hubby, or who simply doesn’t want to cook after a long work day.  

    Restaurant gift cards are fantastic for that aunt or grandmother who’s hard to shop for. If she loves going out to eat, she’ll love a gift card to her favorite place to grub. Of course, we’ve got the good ol’ coffee gift card to Starbucks, Peets, Coffee Bean … the list goes on and on. Most caffeine lovers will forever appreciate a coffee gift card. They also make one of the best gift cards to give a fellow employee or tired college student who is finishing up their last semester before graduation.

    Finally, let’s not forget Barnes and Noble gift cards for book nerds. Better yet, there are Amazon gift cards for those online shopaholics. Let’s not forget SALONS! OMG, a gift card to her favorite hairdresser or beautician would be stellar. If she doesn’t have one, pick one for her! Yelp it, read the reviews, and choose one near her. She’d love you for it. You can select a hair salon or nail salon, or one that does both! The best thing about gift cards is that they’re an easy, hassle-free purchase.

  • Clothes

  • Pick a woman, any woman, and it’s rare to hear that she doesn’t like getting nice clothes. In fact, most people don’t mind a nice shirt for work or a new sweater to add to their winter collection.

    Here’s the thing when it comes to buying threads: The safest bet is dressing someone’s top-half. It’s much harder guessing pants or dress size, unless you ask the person very specifically. But then, it’s no longer a surprise. Shoes are also an item to stay clear of. While most women love a closet full of shoes, they can be tricky to buy because it’s a decision based on comfort. Some ladies prefer trying shoes on and walking around in them before making a purchase. So, it’s safe to say keep clothing purchases above the waist.

    The best part about buying clothes is that they easily accessible. Go anywhere on Christmas Eve and you’re likely not going to run out of places to shop for a nice sweater or scarf. Unlike hot tech items that tend to be so popular that they sell out or won’t arrive on time because you ordered it so last minute, like Christmas Eve. That last minute.

    Clothes are one of the easiest purchases you can make. And if she doesn’t like the color or style, no problem, have the cashier print out a gift-exchange receipt, just in case.

  • Subscriptions & Memberships

  • On the rare occasion that someone you know hasn’t gotten around to getting Netflix, a trial subscription is inexpensive and makes a fantastic gift for movie and TV lovers. There are$25Netflix gift cards, which basically pays for three months of Netflix.

    Don’t forget the option of purchasing one-month’s worth of fitness classes. This is especially great for the girlfriend who has been dying to check out that hot yoga studio down the street. Sometimes various types of yoga studios and speciality fitness clubs like cross-fit will offer 5 to 10 classes for a special deal. It’s worth gifting that special lady friend, a motivational head-start towards her fitness goals to kick-off the New Year.

    There are also fab memberships for makeup subscription boxes, especially if you know the brand she favs. And for the fashionista in your life, if your budget allows, there alwaysRent The Runway gift cards starting at $50. You can also find a ton of fun subscriptions, as well as gift card deals onGroupon!

    Don’t Stress & Don’t Overspend

    Some people love to shop and get a huge adrenaline rush from fighting the holiday bustle. Then there are those of us who … oops … find ourselves checking off our holiday shopping list at the last minute. If you’re one who’s waited until the “11th hour” to make final purchases, you can get it all accomplished by staying focused. Most importantly, remember that giving is a thoughtful gesture that is also meant to be fun. Try not to overstress and overspend. Giving quality time might be the best gift of all, and you would not need to charge it!

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