100% Natural Cotton Feminine Hygiene Wipes

Made from soft natural cotton, Veeda’s Feminine Hygiene Wipes cleanse and condition in one quick step. Easy to stash in your gym bag or purse, our soft, absorbent wipes feature a unique pH-balanced formula to reduce the risk of irritation and allergic reactions. Gently clean your intimate area and feel fresh all day long with Veeda's fragrance free & pH-balanced Feminine Wipes.

  • PH BALANCED COTTON - Our chemical, synthetic and dye FREE 100% natural cotton wipes are GMO-FREE and GYNAECOLOGICALLY TESTED 
  • FREE FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS- There are NO Chlorine, Glyphosates, Synthetics, Silicons, Parabens, Perfumes/Fragrances, Optical Brighteners, Alcohol , PET or PEG’s in our Veeda Feminine Wipes
  • GENTLE INGREDIENTS - Vitamin E and Sacred Lotus
  • DERMATALOGICALLY TESTED - Hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin our wipes gently but effectively cleanse the intimate area and are approved for daily use
  • MANUFACTURED FOR HEALTH - 100% Biodegradable wipes come in packaging material made from 40% recycled material.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE - Convenient Purse sized package for On-The-Go

Feminine wipes help freshen up down there after a workout or sweaty day before you can shower, or help clean up any leakage from menstrual products.

Veeda Cleansing Wipes contain a pH-balanced formula to gently cleanse, freshen and deodorise, giving you a long lasting fresh feeling.

Ships in 3-4 days | 30-day return policy | 100% satisfaction guaranteed |  Repeat delivery has no contract, cancel online anytime
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