Our Products Really are Different

It’s Not What We Added. It’s What We Subtracted. 

What makes Veeda different is as much about what’s in our products as what isn’t. We don’t include harmful ingredients that are hidden in conventional or organic feminine care. You will NEVER find these harmful ingredients in Veeda products:

     X  Rayon and other syntheticsnot found in nature can leave behind chemical particulate matter that can lead to deadly Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) .

     X  Dioxins, which are known carcinogens left behind by the chlorine used to bleach many conventional tampons. Dioxins are linked to endometriosis and disruptions of the hormonal reproductive systems.

     X  Pesticides and herbicides linked to infertility, neurological dysfunction, and developmental defects.

     X  Dyes and fragrances, which can cause allergic reactions, burning, itching and infection.

Premium Products Without the Premium Price. 

We believe products that are naturally better for you shouldn’t cost more.

The Comfort and Care of Pure, Natural Cotton. 

Gentle on your body and on our earth, you can feel good about the naturally pure cotton used in every Veeda product.

100 percent natural cotton tampons, pads, wipes, liners, affordable