Period Action Day

Imagine getting your period and not being able to access the care and products you need for a day. Now imagine that happening for an entire week. Now imagine that happening every single month. For millions worldwide, this nightmare situation is a terrible reality. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Period poverty refers to the global issue affecting communities who don’t have access to safe sanitary products and/or are unable to manage their periods, sometimes due to societal stigma. October 10 marks Period Action Day, a time for raising awareness about these injustices. Veeda and our Chief Brand Officer Hilary Duff are honored to be working with the nonprofit organization PERIOD to help spread the word about period poverty and effect real change. 

This year, we’re answering the call for action. For every subscription box purchased between Oct. 10-25, we’ll donate one to somebody in need. Hilary specifically chose Oct. 25 as the end date for this initiative because it’s the birthday of her young daughter Banks, and she believes we should empower all of our children to understand that our periods are nothing to be ashamed of.

Let’s come together to help end period poverty once and for all. If you believe that everyone should have access to safe, eco-friendly period care, it’s time to make your voice heard.