Natural is better. PERIOD.

December 14, 2018 1 min read

Natural is better. PERIOD.

Maybe its just me but whenever I'm on my period and I'm using tampons the thought of toxic shock syndromealwayscreeps into the back of my mind. It's crazy to me how most feminine hygiene productsaren't natural.I mean these are products we're using in very delicate areas, wouldn't we want the safer choice?

I was lucky enough to receive three sample packs; the natural cotton ultra-thin day pads, natural cotton liners and the 100%  natural cotton tampons.

The tampons, pads and liners are free of chemicals, wood, synthetic fibers, additives and pesticides. Which makes them the softest, purest and most hypoallergenic on the market!

Now unfortunately by the time I received the Veeda package I was already almost done of my period this month but I did get to use the pads for the tail end of it! While I wasn't super heavy during the pad trial I did get to test out its softness and comfort level. Both were superb! It barely felt like I had anything on at all and the material is so, so soft.

I'm going to be saving the tampons to test out for next month's period as I wasn't 100% comfortable using tampons yet after just having a baby!

I feel much better knowing the products I'm using down there are natural and I would definitely purchase Veeda products in the future!

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