Product Review: Veeda Natural Tampons

August 19, 2016 3 min read

Product Review: Veeda Natural Tampons

Limiting our exposure to toxins is crucial for hormone health, yet most of the feminine care products on the market are actually loaded with toxins! Many of us don’t think about what our tampons and pads are made of, but most brands are actually sprayed with pesticides and other toxins.

After I started eating more nutritious food and exercising, I realized it was time to start taking care of my body in every way – including switching over to as many natural skin and body care products as possible. I’m definitely not perfect in this area. There are some things I haven’t been willing to compromise on, like my hairspray, makeup, and nail polish – but I do use many natural products.

After learning that most tampons are full of toxins, I tried searching for a good alternative. Many of my fellow holistic nutritionists recommended the diva cup, but I just can’t bring myself to use that. I bought one. It’s sitting there in the box just waiting to be used, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen after the experience a friend of mine and my sister had with a similar product (they had a very hard time removing it).

I’ll stick to my tampons… 

The brand of tampons I’ve been using for years is Tampax Pearl Plastic. Those were always my favorite because they seem to fit great and they have a thick string with a braid at the top. I have a fear of the tampon getting stuck inside of me, which is why I love the thick string – because it feels stronger. And yes, I do believe that we need to reduce our use of plastic (or really, eliminate it altogether and use hemp instead), and recycle the plastic that we do use, but let’s just face it – cardboard applicators suck. They’re just terrible and I hate them.

But as much as I love Tampax Pearl, I’m pretty sure that they’re one of the brands full of toxins, so I went on the hunt for an organic cotton alternative.

The first one I tried was Seventh Generation. They were too long and would actually stick out and was extremely uncomfortable. After trying those, I was kinda scared to try natural tampons again, so I went back to Tampax Pearl for a while.

Then a friend of mine recommended NatraCare tampons. These have a cardboard applicator. Cardboard applicators are terrible. So although I liked these better than the Seventh Generation, I wasn’t a fan of the applicator.

Then I learned about Veeda tampons. Veeda are natural tampons and they have a plastic applicator. I’m already excited at this point – no dyes/sprays and plastic applicator is a win-win for me. Not only that, but they’re super affordable at only about $5 a box. Veeda also has a program, called the 360 Care Fund, that donates a portion of their profits to help disadvantaged women and they donate tampons to women’s organizations that need them – this is a definitely a company I would love to support!

So I tried the tampons, and they fit great and were comfortable. However, they do have a thin string, similar to Playtex tampons, andbecause of my irrational fear, I prefer thicker strings. Overall, I think these are great tampons and worth making the switch to. They sell them in stores close to home which is great. You can also order online. I recommend giving Veeda a try. They’re a great company with a great product to help support female health.

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