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I have never mentioned this on the blog prior to now, but Eco-conscious living as a whole has been on my mind lately.  I'm not one to be completely stringent on myself in regards to my approach to switching to cleaner brands.  This is because of two reasons: I don't believe in stressing myself out when adding stress is unnecessary and I also believe in using cleaner products that actually work well.  I wouldn't want to compromise either of those principals. In lieu of these thoughts, I've decided to begin a site-wide expansion into focusing on more conscious living.  I will be reviewing Eco products including clothes, household items, and much more.  I'm starting off by sharing with you my two cents on Veeda, an Eco-conscious brand of feminine care products.  

I've used plenty of Always in my day, and I was always looking for a cleaner alternative to the rough material that caused irritation to my skin.  At the same time, I needed the new feminine care products to work without any issues with leakage.  Veeda kindly contacted me regarding their Eco-conscious feminine care products and wanted to hear my thoughts after using their products.  Not only does Veeda create products that lower waste in the environment, they also support funds such as Project Everywoman, the 360 Care fund, among various charities.

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First off, these pads are incredibly soft and are more comfortable on the skin than the conventional Always pads that I used previously. They also held up well throughout the day, however, I found that they did not have the same retention ability as the conventional pads.  There were no problems with leakage but it just didn't hold up as well as their conventional counterpart.  I had to change these more often due to that fact. The size of these were perfect for day wear, neither too long or too short with a good width. They are packed in convenient purple packs just like conventional pads, have no issues with their sticking strength to the underwear, and are easy to take on the go.  All of Veeda's products are made with 100% natural cotton with no toxic dyes or chemicals.
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I really must rave about these! They are packed in convenient, little orange packs just like their pad counterparts.  They've been so easy to take with me, especially on those lighter days.  They are also perfectly sized without being too small or big, and they are made with the same incredibly soft 100% natural cotton as the other pad products from Veeda.  They held up very well throughout the day and never bunched up or felt uncomfortable.  These Veeda liners are definitely my favorite new liner and I will definitely repurchase. The liner even has a padded design to really comfortable and effectively take care of those days when we don't need a pad to help us get through the day. They also stick well and have no problems staying put. 
These products do reduce environmental waste as well as limit irritation due to the chemicals and dyes from conventional feminine care products.  However, they also prevent the chances of having a toxic reaction from products that women have to use month to month. This rings much more true with the tampon offerings that Veeda carry, however, I did not test out or review these products because I don't personally use this type of feminine care product. 
It's truly important to consider the items that you have contact with in everyday life when shifting towards a more Eco-conscious mindset.  I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to test out Veeda and that I've found my new favorite liner through this testing phase!

If you're more of  a tampon user, you can check out Veeda's other offerings HERE!
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